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Upland Labradors,Inc. is a Georgia Corporation run by Dale and Barry Staples dedicated to raising and showing quality Labrador Retriever Champions and show prospects in an environment that allows them to be the very best that they can be. We love our Labs and believe that they are part of our family. When we have Labs to share we want to place them with good people who will treat them like we do. We breed Labs primarily for our own show stock and not to sell, so we are selective in placement.

Our Labradors live at Oak Hill, our farm in North Georgia, where they are free to roam about the woods and pasture which are completely fenced for their safety. During the day they swim in our river and nearby ponds, run and play outdoors when the weather is not too hot.  During extreme heat or cold and at night they stay in our kennel house or farm house. We try to have different dogs in with us so we can enjoy them, check their health, and help them develop the personality we admire.

We feed our Labs the best food we can and make sure they regularly get to the Vet for check ups and shots, Our goal is for our Labs to be as healthy as possible and lead long productive lives.

When our Labs show they travel with us and stay in our room. They enjoy the attention and we feel better knowing if they need anything we are right there. During down time at the shows we look for suitable places for them to run and exercise daily.

When we do place Labs, we are particular in matching the right dog to the right home, for we want our Labs to be with good people who treat them like we do. We have worked hard to produce great looking, loyal dogs with pleasing dispostions and want them all to be happy where ever they go. At a minimum we look for responsible, caring, people who  love Labs,have a fenced yard and a good sense of humor. If you think you would like an Upland Lab and can provide it the kind of home it deserves, please contact us.

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You can reach us by phone at (404) 626- 1835