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Brinkley is a littermate of Chance and Bailey and our third Champion.  To us, she is the quintessential labrador bitch.  She has outstanding conformation and may be the best mover we have.Her first litter  with Hunter will be ready to show in mid June 2009 and shows great promise. 
RESULT                               SHOW                     DATE                        THANKS TO                                                         NOTES  
Reserve Winner's Bitch  Newnan KC                   3/27/04                 Judge Jean Fournier                                 from 6-9 puppy class
Reserve Winner's Bitch  Tupelo KC                      5/09/04                 Judge  C Herendeen 
Reserve Winner's Bitch  Hattiesburg KC             6/26/04                 Judge Roger Hartinger 
Reserve Winner's Bitch  Hattiesburg KC             6/27/04                 Judge James R. White 
Reserve Winner's Bitch  Mississippi St. KC       12/10/04                Judge Ann Hearn 
Reserve Winner's Bitch  Brandon KC                 12/11/04                Judge Don Jones 
Reserve Winner's Bitch  Brandon KC                 12/12/04                Judge Paula Hartinger 
Reserve Winner's Bitch  Greater Orange Park    1/29/05                  Judge  J C Dowling 
Reserve Winner's Bitch  Greater Orange Park    1/30/05                  Judge Don Jones 
Winner's Bitch, Best Winners Tuscaloosa KC    4/09/05                  Judge Lamar Mathis
Reserve Winner's Bitch  Birmingham KC            4/10/05                  Judge  R. J. Moore 
Reserve Winner's Bitch  Anniston  KC                 4/29/05                 Judge  Paula Hartinger
Winner's Bitch, Best Winners Jackson Tenn       5/21/05                Judge  Maxine Beam 
Reserve Winner's Bitch Jackson Tenn KC             5/22/05                Judge  Houston Clark 
Reserve Winner's Bitch    sheville KC                   6/12/05                Judge  Dr. G C Penta
Winners Bitch,Best Opposite Lawrenceville         8/27/05                Judge A Hussin                            major
Winners Bitch,Best Opposite   Macon  KC           9/03/05                Judge  E P McNamee
Reserve Winner's Bitch   Macon KC                    10/27/05               Judge  Pauline Mortier 
Reserve Winner's Bitch   Lawrenceville KC         2/03/08                Judge  Judy Doniere 
Winners Bitch                Douglasville KC               4/02/06                Judge J Webb                              Bailey WD BOW
Reserve Winner's Bitch  Birmingham  KC           2/03/08                Judge  C.C.McGowan 
Winner's Bitch, Best Winner Tuscaloosa KC       4/08/06                Judge J R White
Winner's Bitch Best Opposite Spartanburg KC      7/26/08                Judge Judy Goodin  major
Reserve Winner's Bit     Conyers KC                     8/27/06                Judge  Judy Doniere
Winner's Bitch                 Macon KC                      9/02/06                 Judge Ronald Menaker                   
Winner's Bitch, Best Opposite Newnan KC          3/28/08                 Judge Charles Trotter                 
Best of Breed                  Douglasville KC              3/29/08                 Judge Judy Doniere          major win finishes championship

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