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Here is where we brag more about our accomplishments(List more wins). It does not make our Labs any better but shows that other people have recognized we are on the right track. Some Breeders have done better and some Breeeders have done worse. There are more pictures  in the middle of the article. Please feel free to skip over the bragging part and look at the pictures, if you'd like or you can skip this altogether.

Christie was Winner's Bitch and Best of Winners on Saturday, October 20, 2012 at the Atlanta Kennel Club under Judge Sally Sasser. It was a four point major which finished her AKC championship.

Brighton went Best Veteran for the third straight year at the greater Atlanta LRC specialty and retired the Carenna challenge trophy on October 18, 2012 under Judge Pierry McLean.

Talbot who went best puppy from the 6-9 class at the Greater Atlanta LRC the same day in her first show on the first day she could show. Her brother Brooks won the 6-9 puppy class and her sister Lily was second. The next day Lily won the regular class and Talbot was best of Opposite in Sweeps at the Douglasville Kennel Club under Judge Michael Faggart.

Finley was Best of Bred By Exhibitor at the greater Atlanta LRC specialty and Reserve Winner's Bitch on October 18, 2012.

Trip who went Best of Breed on October 6th under Judge Frank Sabella and again on October 7th under Judge James Noe at the Augusta Kennel Club. Hunter won Open Yellow

Finley, who went winners Bitch and Best of opposite Sex at the Anniston KC under Judge Anne Hearn on September 22,, 2012. Rowdy was Best of Bred By on Sunday.

Trotwood for going Reserve Winner's Dog at the Oconee KC club show May 6 2012.

TROTWOOD and Melanie Wilson Daniel for winning the AOH class at the LRC Of the Potomac. April 12,2012. Trotwood is bred by and co-owned by us.

TANNER for winning his second major at the Durham KC in Raleigh N.C. on March 23, 2012 under Judge Michael Weist. This finished his championship. Tanner is Now AM. CH. UPLAND'S TANNENBAUM!Thanks to Rusty Howard for his excellent handling of Tanner and thanks to Michael Faggart for telling us to go to Raleigh.

Tanner for going Winner's Dog/Best of Winners at the Greenville KC, February 18,2012, under Judge Richard William Powell.

Chief and Trotwood for going first and second in open AOC at the LRC of the Piedmont February 12, 2012,under Judge Valerie Walters.

Trip was best of Breed at the Knoxville K C and the Middle Tennessee KC on November 3 and 4 under Judge James Martin and Judge Charles Olvis and select on November 5 under Judge Elizabeth Muthard. Finley was RWB under Judge Muthard on November 5th.
HUNTER, who was Reserve Winner's Dog at the LRC of the Potomac Bare Bones Speciality under Judge Trudy Rose on October 28, 2011. Tanner, his son, won the American Bred class, Chief, his son, won the Bred By Exhibitor Class. Trotwood, his son, was third in open yellow.

Brighton for Winning Veteran Sweeps/ regular Veteran and Best Veteran in Show over the number 1 bitch in the country at the Greater Atlanta KC specialty on October 20, 2011 under Judge Janet Farmilette. Brighton won the prestigious Carenna Challenge Trophy for Best Veteran again. Brighton and Trip won Judge's Award of Merit in Best of Breed. Finley won Bred By Exhibitor and Chief won american Bred.

Trip for going Best of Breed over the 2011 Westminster Champion and number 1 dog in the country. Finley for going WB/Best of Winners at Greater Murphreesboro KC on October 1, 2011 under Judge Judy Webb. The next day Trip was select Finley was WB/Best of Winners Summer was Reserve Winners Bitch under Judge Linda Robey.
Trip for going select Dog at Singing River KC and Mobile KC  shows in Biloxi Ms. on 9/8-9/10. Piper  was W/B Best of Winners and Hunter was Winner's Dog at the Mobile KC  on Saturday under Judge W. Everett Dean. Finley was RWB under Judge Bob G. Smith st Mobiile on  Sunday Sept 11.
NEW AMERICAN CHAMPION! TRIP  Who finished his Championship from the open class  at the Lawrenceville KC in Atlanta on August 27th 2011 under Judge Linda Millman, with a 3 point major.
CHRISTIE for going Winner's Bitch and Best of Winners for 3 point major at the Conyers KC in Atlanta Augsut 28,2011 under Judge Gloria Geringer.
Trip went Winner's Dog/ Best of Winners from the Bred by Class at Sawnee KC in Atlanta on August 26, 2011 in Atlanta.
Tanner who went Best of Winners/Winners's Dog at Danville KC in Greensboro NC under Judge James G. Reynolds.on August 11, 2011
Hunter wonWinner's Dog Best of Opposite Sex, and Downey wonWinner's Bitch Best of Winners at Clarksville KC on May 22, 2011 under Judge Lowell Davis. Rowdy was reserve Winner's Dog.
Finley and Rowdy went Reserve Winner's Bitch and Reserve Winner's Dog at Jackson TN on May 21 under Judge Arlene Davis.
Hunter was Winner's Dog, Best of Opposite at Jackson TN on May 20, 2011 under Judge Charles Olvis. Finley was Winner's Bitch, Best of Winners. Downey was Reserve Winner's Bitch.
Finley won Winner's Bitch under Judge Pat Trotter at Clarksville KC Jackson TN on May 19, 2011. Rowdy was Reserve Winner's Dog. Downey was Reserve Winner's Bitch. 
Tanner was Reserve Winner's Dog at the Macon KC (Perry) under Judge D. Holloway on May 22.
 Trotwood and Melanie WilsonDaniel won Winner's Dog Best of Winners at Perry (Columbus KC) May 12, 2011. Trotwood is out of Hunter and Brinkley and co-owned with us.
Trip won Winner's Dog Best of Winners and Chief won Reserve Winner's Dog  at Oconee KC on May 7, 2011 under Judge Ann Bolus.
Trip and Summer respectively won Winners Dog and Reserve Winner's Bitch at Oconee KC on May 8, 2001 under Judge Judy Goodin. Elliot Daniel and Piper won the Junior Handler class at Oconee KC May 8, 2011 on their very first try.
Trip and Finley were winners of Winner's Dog /Best of Winners and Winner's Bitch Best of Opposite at the Atlanta KC in Perry April 16. Trip was Reserve Winner's Dog at Valdosta KC  April 14.
Tanner and Trip went Reserve Winner's Dog at Newnan KC on April 2, and April 3. 
Piper won Winner's Bitch and Best of Opposite at Greenville KC on Feb.20, under Judge Everett Dean.
Tanner went Reserve Winner's Dog at Hendersonville KC on February 19, under Judge Nicolas Frost.
NEW AMERICAN CHAMPION Upland's Sunchaser (CHASE) wonWinner's Dog (his second major),Best of Winners, and BEST of BREED at Sawnee Mountain KC on our first day showing in 2011 on February 5th.
Trip won Reserve Winner's Dog at Conyers KC on February 5, 2011.
Chief (and the Cronics) won Reserve Winners Dog at Lawrenceville KC  on Feb.6,2011Chief is out of Hunter and Brinkley and co-owned with us.
In our first day showing 2011 We were thrilled when Chase finished his championship with a major and Best of Breed over  some of the best labs specials in the country in Atlanta. The next day his half brother Trip was Reserve Winners Dog and the next day his brother Chief (Upland's Noble Redman of Southern Grace)  also was Reserve Winner's Dog
In 2010,we have 4 Best of Breed, 14 Best of Winners, 5 Best of Opposite Sex, 23 Winners and 35 Reserve Winners, so far. Six of our labs have won 6 majors in 5 weekends.  We have had a lot of success at specialty shows such as Potomac(2nd in open yellow dog, 2nd and 4th in 12-15 sweeps , the Hoosier( open yellow) and  Greater Atlanta Ambred, Veterans and Veterans sweeps.)The quality of Hunter and his progeny is getting them recognized by many well renowned Judges, in what we think is very tough competition







Here are some of our other wins in 2010.












In 2010 every dog we have shown this year has won somewhere!

In our last 3 shows through July,we have won 4 majors with 4 different dogs- Downey in Ashville, Trip and Summer on the same day in Orlando and Hunter in Greenville. In August, Tanner and Christie were Winner's Dog and Winner's Bitch in Greensbor and in our next show Trip and Chase were Winner's/ Dog Best of Winner's in Atlanta. Chase's win was another major

Trip was best of Breed in Birmingham two days, Christie was Best of Breed in Birmingham, Tanner was Best of Breed in Oconee.

Piper won a major at Hendersonville KC.

Tanner was Winner's Dog and Best of Winners in Greensboro N.C., the next day Christie was Winner's Bitch, Best of Winners!

Thanks again to Shannon and Earl Carlton for Piper and to Rusty and Jen Howard and Brittany for making our labs look their best!

........At Nashville, March 2010,  Tanner was Winner's Dog /Best of Opposite Sex on Sunday March 14, under Judge Bart Miller. Christy was Reserve Winner's Bitch on Friday under Judge Charles Olvis, on Saturday under Carol Esterkin and on Sunday and Tanner was  also RWD on Saturday under Charles Olvis.At Atlanta: Feb 5-7, Chase was Best of Winners/ Winner's Dog on Friday and Winner's Dog on Sunday; His sister Christie was Reserve Winner's Bitch Thursday under Judge G.G. Geringer at Central Indiana KC and at the Hoosier she won bred by while their father Hunter won the open yellow class 2 days. At Greenville Feb.19-21Piper was Winner's Bitch on Sunday for her first major;Chase was reserve winner's dog and Christie was reserve winner's bitch under Judge Marissa O'Conner. On Saturday Piper was reserve winner's bitch, under Judge Michael Faulkner. On Friday Christie was reserve winner's bitch under Judge Bettyann Hale. 
At the GALRC specialty in Marietta, Brighton won Best of Veterans both days and got a JAM from Judge Sally Bell on Sunday. Trip won Am. Bred and made the cut in the breed. 
At GREENVILLE S.C., Feb. 13-15,  Piper won Open black class 2 days out of 3, Muffaletta won open yellow , Downey won Bred by exhibitor, Chase won 9-12 puppy dog every day. Summer won 9-12  puppy Bitch every day and won Winner's Bitch Friday and Reserve Winner's Bitch on Saturday.
At BIRMINGHAM, AL.  April 3-5 Chase was Winner's Dog and Best of Winners three days in a row, while Piper was Winner's Bitch  and Best of Opposite Sex three days in a row! Muffaletta was Reserve Winner's Bitch and Summer was Reserve Winner's Bitch on Sunday.
AT PERRY, GA. April 9-11, Summer was Winner's Bitch and Best Puppy, winning a Puppy Group 3 on Friday. Piper was Reserve Winner's Bitch. On Saturday, Chase was Winner's Dog  Best of Winners and Best Puppy and won a Puppy Group 2. Summer was Winner's Bitch on Saturday and Reserve  Winner's Bitch on Thursday.
At Montgomery,April 24-26 Chase was Winner's Dog all three days and Best of Winners on Friday and Saturday. Muffaletta was Winner's Bitch on Friday and Reserve Winner's Bitch on Saturday. Piper was reserve winner's Bitch on Friday. Piper was Winner's Bitch on Saturday and Sunday, Best of Opposite both days and Best of Winners on Sunday. 
In the  Month of April 2009, in Dog shows through Montgomery, Upland had six Best of Winners;six Best of Opposite Sex, Thirteen Winners; Six Reserve Winners; Thirty five class wins ;Two Best Puppy wins; a Puppy Group 2 and Puppy group 3.
At Oconee KC May 2 Chase was Winner's Dog and Summer was Reserve Winner's Bitch. On May 3, Summer was Best of Opposite Sex and Winner's Bitch, while Piper was Reserve Winner's Bitch!
In September at Biloxi, MS.  Piper won  Best of Winners/ Best of Opposite/Winner's Bitch on Thursday and Summer did the same Saturday; on Friday, Chase was  Winner's Dog,Best of Breed, Best of Winners, Huntleigh was  Winner's Bitch, Best of Opposite, Piper was Reserve Winner's Bitch, Summer was Best of Bred By Exhibitor and BBE Group 2 and BBBE on Sunday.
At Douglasville KC  on Sept. 18, Muffaletta was Winner's Bitch.On October 27, Piper was Reserve Winner's Bitch at Griffin KC in Marietta Ga.  under Judge Houston Clark.Piper was also Reserve Winner's Bitch at North Augusta KC under Judge Carmen Battaglia.
On October 28,  at the Kennesaw KC in Marietta, we had 4 sweeps class wins and our nine to 12 month puppy, Trip, was Best of Opposite in Sweeps under Judge Kathy deVito.The next day, October 29,his sister Sydney, was Best of Sweeps and his brother,Tanner was Best of Opposite in Sweeps under Judge Clint Vail.
At the Raleigh- Durham Specialty, November 5,6 Muffaletta wins open yellow bitch, Hunter is second in open yellow dog,  while Hunter's puppies - Downey wins 6-9 month puppy regular and sweeps classes both days, Chase wins 6-9 puppy dog, and Summer is second both days in 6-9 regular and sweeps in their second showing. Barry and Dale clean up in the raffle. Thanks to everyone who made this show so much fun for us.
Muffaletta is Winner's Bitch and Best of Winners at Kennesaw KC (her second major win) on October 25  under Judge Marion Lyons and Reserve Winner's Bitch October 26 under Judge Erik Bergishagen.Hunter wins open yellow dog under Judge Dr. Elizabeth Wenner on October 24. Hunter's son Chase, wins Best of Opposite in Sweeps under Judge Gregg Tonkin October 26 in his first show.On October 23, Chase's sister Downey wins 6-9 puppy sweeps and regular in her first show and their other sister Summer is second. Piper wins American Bred.
BRINKLEY FINISHES HER CHAMPIONSHIP with a major at Newnan KC  March 29, and is now American Champion UPLAND'S UPTOWN GIRL!Am.Ch. Upland's Uptown Girl is Best of Breed at Douglasville KC March 30, 2008 under Judge Judy Doniere.
Hunter wins Best of Opposite in Sweeps at  GALRC specialty in February under Judge Trudy Rose. Hunter wins 12-18 class a Piedmont KC specialtyHunter wins sweeps class at  GALRC the next day Muffeletta wins open yellow class at Piedmont KC specialty.
                                                      OLDER NEWS
to Huntleigh for winner Best of Bred By Exhibtor in Montgomery AL and  BBE was Reserve Winner's Bitch on Saturday from the Bred By Class and his brother Tanner was Reserve Winner's Dog from the 12-18 month class in a great showing for us.
To Hunter for winning a 4 point major at 11 months at the Atlanta Kennel Club September 22, 2007.To Hunter for Best puppy Perry, Ga April 12, 2007, and Bred by Exhibitor in Greenville July 2007
To Muffaletta for winning her 1st major at Montgomery AL April 29, 2007. She was WB and BOS.
To Britain for  winning RWB from the 6-9 puppy class at Montgomery April 28, 2007.
To Hunter for winning the 6-9 month puppy class of 21 at the Miami Valley KC specialty on Friday May 11, 2007.
To Muffaletta for winning RWB a the Asheville KC June 9,2007
2006 is Upbeat for Upland!After time off for our son's wedding in December 2005, Our daughter's engagement and our farm acquisition we are back at it, and still having a lot of fun.Bailey and Brinkley are winner's Dog and Winner's Bitch the same day at Douglasville Kennel Club Of Georgia., April 2. Bailey is Best of WinnersBrighton wins Best of Breed and Group 4 at Birningham Kennel Club, April 7. Brinkley is Reserve Winners Bitch. Brighton wins Best of Breed, Brinkley wins Winner's Bitch and Best of Winners at Tuscaloosa Kennel Club April 8. Muffaletta is reserve winner's bitch.Bailey wins Winner's dog, Best of Winners, Best of Opposite at Anniston KC in Montgomery April 28, 2006Brinkley wins Reserve Winner's Bitch at  Atlanta, August 27.Muffaletta is Winner's Bitch and Best of Winners at  Columbus Kennel Club August 31, 2006 and Reserve Winner's Bitch at the Southeast Alabama Kennel Club September 1, 2006Brinkley is Winner's Bitch at the Macon Kennel Club September 2, 2006Chance is Best of Breed at Griffin KC October 26 and Group 4 placement. Chance is Best of Breed again October 27 at Griffin KC.2005 continues the Tradition of Excellence. Chance goes RWD on January 29 and 30 and wins Best of Breed Bred by Exhibitor at Greater Orange Park KC, Fla.Chance is RWD at Newnan, Ga. April 2.Brinkly also goes RWB on 29 and January 30 at Greater Orange Park KC Brinkley is Winner's Bitch and Best of Opposite Sex at Tuscaloosa KC April 9.Brinkley was RWB at Birmingham  April 10.  and in Ashville June 29. Brinkley wins a three point major in Atlanta, August 28, 2005!Brighton is Winner's Bitch and Best of Opposite at Birmingham KC April 8. Brighton goes BEST OF BREED in Jackson TN., May 22, 2005.  Brighton wins second major at Chattanooga, KC September 17, 2005.Bailey wins major-in Jackson Tennessee  May 21,the same day as Brinkley is Winner's Bitch and Best of Opposite Sex.Chance wins majors in Ashville and Spartanburg completing his American championship, July 30. He goes Best of Breed the next day in Hendersonville and in his next showing in Atlanta goes Best of Breed again at the Lawrenceville KC. August 28!