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TANNER (AM.CH.Upland's Tannenbaum)

Tanner is Best of opposite in Sweeps under Judge Clint Vail at Kennesaw KC

" This was ... a pretty Boy.  I see that he is the litter brother to [Trip].He had a pretty coat and tail. He ...presented a pretty picture and nice overall balance." Judge Mary Roseberry,15-18 sweeps Yellow Dogs, Potomac 2010.


Tanner was Best of Opposite in Sweeps at the Kennesaw K.C. in October under Judge Clint Vail.Tanner was was Winner's Dog Best of Opposite in Nashville. He was Best of Breed in Oconee in May, 2010. He is the epitome of what we look for in a Lab- great head, good coat, straight topline, otter tail, and happy outgoing attitude. We believe he will mature into an outstanding Champion.
     RESULT                      SHOW             DATE        THANKS TO                  NOTES
BOS in sweeps                  GALRC         10/7/09          Judge Clint Vail         BOS to his sister Sydney
Reserve Winner's Dog   Conyers KC      2/6/10         Judge E.(Lee) Brown
Reserve Winner's Dog   Tullahoma KC 3/12/10       Judge C.L. Olvis
Best of Opposite/WD    Nashville KC   3/14/10       Judge Bart Miller
Reserve Winner's Dog    Anniston KC    4/22/10      Judge K.L. Patterson
Reserve Winner's Dog   Oconee River KC 5/8/10     Judge Peter Baynes
Best of Breed/BW/WD Oconee River KC 5/9/10     Judge R.L. Vandiver
Best of BBE/BBE Grp3   Danville KC       8/18/10      Judge Charles Olvis
Best of Winners/WD      Gr.Hickory KC  8/20/10     Judge  Arley D. Hussin
Reserve Winner's Dog    Carolina KC      8/21/10      Judge Alvin Krause
Winner's Dog                    Conyers KC      8/29/10     Judge Frank Washabaugh
Best of Winners/WD       Newnan            10/24/10     Judge Valerie Dombrowski
Best of Bred By Exhbitor  Ocala              11/19/10      Judge Christine Hubbell
Reserve Winner's Dog     Newnan KC          4/2/11        Judge Jane Rapollo
Reserve Winner's Dog       Macon KC           5/15/11      Judge D.R. Holloway
Best of Winners/WD       Danville KC          8/10/11      Judge J.G.Reynolds
American Bred Class       LRCP Bare Bones 10/20/11  Judge Trudy Rose
Best of Winners/WD        Lawrenceville KC 2/5/12      Judge Robert Slay(3point  major)
Winner Bred By AOC       LRC Piedmont     2/11/12     Judge Brian Parrott
Best of Winners/WD      Greenvikle KC      2/18/12      Judge Richard William Powell
Winner's Dog                    Durham KC          3/23/12      Judge Michael Weist (3point major)

Tanner is Best of Winners at Newnan/Christie is Winner's Bitch

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