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TRIP ( Grand AM.CH. Upland's Home for Christmas)



"This was a very flashy boy with tons of attitude. I loved his head neck and shoulders, nicely angulated front and rear and moved well... just a really pretty dog overall." Judge Mary Roseberry (Rozzay)

15-18 sweeps, Yellow Dogs, Potomac 2010


Trip is the son of Hunter and Brinkley, born December 22, 2008. He won Best of Opposite in Sweeps at the GALRC under Judge Kathy DeVito,in October 2009, he won the regular 12-18 class at the Atlanta Specialty and made the cut, from the Am. Bred Class. He was 2nd in sweeps at Potomac 2010, he won Best of Breed in Birmingham 2 days and was Winner's Dog in Birmingham the first day. He won a major in Orlando  under Dr. R. G. Smith the only day he showed.
                                                             TRIP'S SHOW RECORD
           RESULT                        SHOW                    DATE        THANKS TO             NOTES
Reserve Winner's Dog        Douglasville KC        4/4/10            Judge V. Dombrowski
Winner's Dog                        Birmingham KC       4/9/10            Judge  Millie Bryant
Best of Breed/BW/WD       Tuscaloosa KC          4/10/10         Judge Houston Clark
Best of Breed/BW/WD       Birmingham KC        4/11/10         Judge P.A. Gellerman
Best of Winners/WD           Central Florida KC    6/26/10        Judge Dr. R.G. Smith  Major
Winner's Dog                        Sawnee KC                 8/27/10        Judge  Anne Bolus
Reserve Winner's Dog         Douglasville KC         10/22/10     Judge Robert D. Smith
Reserve Winner's Dog         Sawnee KC                 2/5/11          Judge Sari Brewster Tietjen
Reserve Winner's Dog         Newnan KC                4/3/11          Judge Don Jones
Reserve Winner's Dog         Atlanta KC                  4/14/11       Judge  Carl Gene Liepmann
Best of Winners/WD           Atlanta KC                   4/16/11       Judge  Karen C. Wilson
Best of Winners/WD           Oconee KC                   5/7/11         Judge Ann Bolus
Winner's Dog                        Oconee KC                   5/8/11         Judge Judy Goodin
Best Of Winners/WD          Sawnee KC                   8/26/11       Judge Llinda Robey
Winner's Dog                        Lawrenceville KC        8/27/11       Judge Linda Millman major
                                Judge Millman finishes Trip's Championship 
Select Dog                     Singing River KC                 9/8/11         Judge Roger Hartinger
Select Dog                     Singing River KC                 9/9/11         Judge Mary Ellen Macke
Select Dog                     Mobile Kennel Club            9/10/11        Judge C. Everett Dean
Judge's award of Merit  Greater Atlanta LRC         10/20/11     Judge Janet Farmilette
Best of Breed                Oak Ridge KC                       11/3/11        Judge Jim Martin
Best of Breed                TN Valley KC                        11/4/11        Judge Charles Olvis
Select Dog                     Oak Ridge KC                       11/5/11        Judge Elizabeth Muthard
BEST OF BREED         AUGUSTA KC                      10/6/12       JUDGE FRANK SABELLA
BEST OF BREED         AUGUSTA KC                      10/7/12        JUDGE JAMES NOE
Select                               Priceville AL                         11/ /12          Judge
Select                               Riverside KC of N.O.           6/1/13          Judge Deborah Y. Verdon finishes his Grand Championship

select 5 point major finishes Grand Championship

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